Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Restaurant Review: Rosti Tuscan Kitchen

When you think of Tuscan style cooking, you think simple, rustic, comfort food made with local ingredients. You must be thinking of Rosti Tuscan Kitchen, who has maintained these roots and brought that style back to their restaurants located in Santa Monica and Encino. Rosti started 20 years ago with providing Italian inspired food and giving back to the community.

Rosti is proud to participate with the local communities; assists local schools and non-profit organizations, provides food and gift certificates for dozens of charities in Los Angeles including Relay for Life, Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation, The Claire Foundation, and the American Cancer Society to name a few.

Rosti caters many charity fundraisers, which includes the Planned Parenthood Food Faire and the Special Olympics BBQ at the Santa Monica Pier. Rosti partners with local organizations and groups in many ways such as providing kid’s meals for school and public library literacy programs. The current owner, Kevin Goldfein of KBG Dining Group LLC has over 12 years experience in the food service business. Kevin carries on the tradition of giving back and has innovated Rosti's menu, by creating new vegan and vegetarian options to their traditional meat inspired Italian menu that is both family and kid friendly.

Most notably, Mateo Juarez (Santa Monica Chef) and Luis Garcia (Encino Chef) have both been with Rosti for over 10 years and their attention to detail of Tuscan cuisine has helped Rosti maintain quality and great taste throughout their tenure.

Photo Description:
Wood-Fired Tuscan style Pizza Oven: Cooks classic Margherita to their Vegan-Friendly Pies. Rosti's pizzas are made with fresh ingredients from their grated mozzarella cheese to their Home made tomato sauce.

The Santa Monica location boasts of a romantic al fresco covered dinning with outside heaters to keep you and your loved ones warm and dry in inclement weather. At the Encino location, you can enjoy their great wine and beer menu to pair nicely with any of their 50 plus combinations of Tuscan inspired cuisines, which includes appetizers; Rollati Duo-Bruschetta Mozzarella, Chicken, various meat options; Bistecca Toscana-Fresh Grilled Salmon Tuscan Style, Wood-Fired Tuscan style Pizzas; Sausage Pie-Vegan friendly pie, salads, paninis and pastas made Al Dente. Enjoy the food pics and video interview below with Kevin and some dishes we sampled. See the restaurant rating below.

Photo Description:
Fire Roasted Artichokes: Seasoned with Rosti's signature blend of Tuscan Herbs (rosemary, sage, garlic, sea salt and pepper) and finished in their wood-fired oven. Served with a grilled lemon and Rosti's basil-tarragon dipping sauce.

Photo Description:
Pollo al Mattone: Grilled Chicken under a Mattone brick imported from Northern Italy. It is marinated in Rosti's signature blend of Tuscan Herbs (rosemary, sage, garlic, sea salt, black pepper). This type of cooking method allows the chicken to emerge flattened, but crusty on the outside and juicy and delicious on the inside. Chicken is served with vegetable sides (oven roasted potatoes, Zucchini, and sauteed spinach with garlic).

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Home Made Tiramisu: Made with savoiardi (ladyfingers) drenched in espresso coffee, mascarpone cheese, semi sweet chocolate, and sprinkled with cocoa powder. Decorated with Dark and white chocolate drizzles. This is one of many scrumptious tummy pleasing sweets served at Rosti.

Name: Rosti Tuscan Kitchen Name: Rosti Tuscan Kitchen
Cuisine: Italian Cuisine: Italian
City: Santa Monica: City: Encino
Address: 931 Montana Ave. CA 90403 Address: 16350 Ventura Blvd. CA 91436
Phone: 310-393-3236 Phone: 818-995-7179      
Reservation Required: No Reservation Required: No


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